Bariatric Surgery

Have you tried traditional weight loss techniques without success? If you’ve been eating right and getting enough exercise but the weight still isn’t coming off, weight loss surgery, also known as bariatric surgery, may be just what you need.
Bariatric surgery is the most effective long-term solution for weight loss. study shows the effectiveness of bariatric surgery in losing weight and improving health long-term. Our patients regularly lose 50 percent or more of their excess weight and keep it off five years after surgery or longer. Nearly all see reductions in blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol, and many have diabetes and sleep apnea go into remission.

You have many options for weight loss surgery, and if you choose an Advanced Laparoscopic Associates surgeon, you have even more options. We are one of the only practices in the region that performs the nonsurgical intragastric balloon procedure, for example.

Take a look at your weight loss surgery options, then request an appointment. Our expert surgeons will discuss your case and recommend the right procedure for you. And, we’ll be with you every step of the way, from initial consultation to recovery and long-term monitoring.

gastric sleeve
Gastric Sleeve
The gastric sleeve procedure has been the most popular weight loss procedure in the United States since 2013. Surgeons remove about 80 percent of the stomach, and with it, cells that produce a hunger-causing hormone called ghrelin. Not only do people who have had a gastric sleeve eat less, but also they are not tortured by hunger while losing weight.Read More
gastric bypass
Gastric Bypass
The gastric bypass procedure is still considered the gold standard in weight loss surgery. The stomach is divided with staples into a small pouch, which is then rerouted to connect further down in the intestines. People with gastric bypasses eat less and absorb fewer calories, leading to sustainable weight loss and improved health.Read More
Duodenal Switch and SADI
This is a modified, better tolerated version of a procedure called duodenal switch, which can be thought of as a combination of a gastric sleeve and gastric bypass. Read More
lap band
Adjustable Gastric Band
The adjustable gastric band, sometimes known by the brand name LAP-BAND, is a good choice for anyone looking for a nonpermanent weight loss option. A band is placed around the stomach to close off a portion, and it is adjusted by a saline pump.Read More
Revision Surgery
Sometimes unforeseen complications occur with a bariatric procedure, and sometimes patients decide they’d like to reverse a procedure or try a different one. Revision surgery is the process of correcting problems or converting one type of bariatric surgery into a different type.Read More

For additional information, all prospective patients are invited to attend a free educational seminar.
Seminars are a great source of information about the procedure you are considering, and they allow you to meet the surgeons as well as ask any questions you may have. You may also have the opportunity to meet some post-operative patients.

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