Ivette has had an amazing transformation so far, losing 112 lbs since her weight loss surgery with Dr. Kraft!


Joann has lost 62 lbs so far on her weight loss journey with ALA bariatric surgeon Dr. Kraft!


On her weight loss journey with Dr. Kraft, Cecilia has lost 70 lbs so far!


I have had great treatment and service from ALA. This has been an easy process for me and they have allowed me to get back to an easier life. Follow the plan, you will be successful. Thank you ALA.


Gino lost over 100 lbs within 1 year after his gastric sleeve surgery with ALA


Patricia had an amazing transformation after weight loss surgery at ALA!


Dr. Hans Schmidt and his team performed surgery on me in December 2012. Over the next year, I lost 73 pounds, which changed my life greatly for the better. I was able to tie my shoes without becoming short of breath. Pain in my lower back that I had suffered with for years disappeared. My blood pressure came down, enough so that I no longer had to take blood-pressure medicine. Over the years, I've kept off most of that weight loss, and am grateful for the enhancements to my quality of life that I continue to enjoy. My thanks for Dr. Schmidt and the folks at Advanced Laparoscopic Associates!


When I started my journey to lose weight I was 345 lbs. Now here I am over a year later and now I weigh 185 lbs. I’m literally at my high school weight. I went from a size 52in pants down to size 34. Thank you so much Dr. Kraft!


I had my surgery on August 31, 2020. On the day I had the surgery I was able to discontinue Glyburide all together! Then, I no longer needed my Insulin and my Metformin dose was cut in half. Now my diabetic meds are one pill of Metformin and 1000mg HS, and my A1Cs are below 7 as they should be. I take daily supplements (liquid calcium, women’s 50+ multivitamin, and B-12) and my levels are still normal. The biggest news is I’ve lost 106lbs since August 2020, down from 256lbs to 150lbs! I am thankful to ALA for all of my progress.


In 2013, I was at my heaviest, mosy sedentary, and so unhealthy. I decided to make a big change after so many failed attempts to lose weight on my own. I had sleeve surgery on May 1st, 2013 and fast forward to 2022, I have kept the weight off and work the program every day. I am studying nutrition at Purdue and I will be starting a master's in health and wellness. Thanks to Advanced Laparoscopic Associates for the awesome tool to get me back on track and the best version of myself.


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