When I started my journey to lose weight I was 345 lbs. Now here I am over a year later and now I weigh 185 lbs. I’m literally at my high school weight. I went from a size 52in pants down to size 34. Thank you so much Dr. Kraft!


I had my surgery on August 31, 2020. On the day I had the surgery I was able to discontinue Glyburide all together! Then, I no longer needed my Insulin and my Metformin dose was cut in half. Now my diabetic meds are one pill of Metformin and 1000mg HS, and my A1Cs are below 7 as they should be. I take daily supplements (liquid calcium, women’s 50+ multivitamin, and B-12) and my levels are still normal. The biggest news is I’ve lost 106lbs since August 2020, down from 256lbs to 150lbs! I am thankful to ALA for all of my progress.


In 2013, I was at my heaviest, mosy sedentary, and so unhealthy. I decided to make a big change after so many failed attempts to lose weight on my own. I had sleeve surgery on May 1st, 2013 and fast forward to 2022, I have kept the weight off and work the program every day. I am studying nutrition at Purdue and I will be starting a master's in health and wellness. Thanks to Advanced Laparoscopic Associates for the awesome tool to get me back on track and the best version of myself.


I’m very grateful to Dr. Schmidt because he saved my life. He gave me back the faith to live again and I feel healthy and full of life.

Estoy muy agradecida con el doctor Schmidt porque me a salvado la vida, me devolvio la fe de vivir otra vez me siento sana y llena da vida


When you hear of a roller coaster, you immediately think of the bumpy ride. That’s what I would have to compare my weight loss journey too. I recall the day I was flying home to visit family and tussled with the buckle on my seatbelt as it just wouldn’t click. With the help of a passenger next to me… I still couldn’t get the buckle to click. Disappointment helped me get the big picture to “click”! That it was time to take control of my weight. Some may call it a plane ride; I refer to it as a rollercoaster. Quite like a roller coaster, the weight loss journey started out slow, but steady! I returned home from travel and knew that I had to make a call! Dr. Trivedi and the team supported me during the whole process. From the initial consultation to recovery. I felt as if I was ready for the next journey… Maintaining the weight loss. After the initial consultation and speaking with several providers, I was more so confident in proceeding with Dr. T! I do not regret it. Like all roller coasters, there were bumps and times I thought I would fall. There were flips and fast turns, and the only thing I could do was close my eyes and trust the driver. My favorite part of this journey was when you hear the breaks slam, and all of a sudden, the roller coaster starts to slow down. You can finally open your eyes again and realize you made it. That is the feeling that this fantastic team left me with. Now, I’m more confident than ever, I can comfortably sit in any room or seat of my choice, but overall I am now vulnerable. This journey was full of dramatic flips and turns. I struggled with the thought of “Is this the right choice for me?” I have no regrets. This journey taught me to trust the process. This journey inspired me to be vulnerable. This journey taught me how to love myself and others. This journey taught me how to cry when it gets tricky, but most importantly, I learned through it all… that I was never alone. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU


He saved my life. In November 2003 at the age of 60, I underwent a gastric bypass operation performed by Dr. Trivedi. I was very overweight and suffering from Type II Diabetes, I just turned 79 and am in good health. I am now 137 pounds and look pretty good for an “old broad.”


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