About Us

At Advanced Laparoscopic Associates (ALA), our patients and their comprehensive health goals take center stage. Although we specialize in providing surgical solutions to help our patients overcome obesity, we understand that all of our patients deserve thoughtful and holistic care that extends beyond the operating room. Our surgical care and recovery plans are personalized to meet every patient’s unique health history and needs. Our team of highly skilled surgeons also performs general surgical procedures such as those used to treat hernias or GERD

How Our Surgeries Are Different

Advanced Laparoscopic Associates is the pioneer in minimally invasive laparoscopic and robotic surgery, having been the first in the state (and country) to perform these types of procedures. Our surgeons operate under the philosophy that nearly all abdominal surgical procedures can be performed in a way that minimizes pain and complication rates by using minimally-invasive methods. Laparoscopic and robotic surgical techniques help our patients enjoy shorter hospital stays and shorter recovery times, allowing them to get back to living life sooner and more comfortably.

Laparoscopic procedure: a surgeon at the bedside makes a few small incisions in the abdomen, then fills the abdominal cavity with air for better visualization. A small camera allows a surgeon to see what they are doing in real-time on a larger screen while using state-of-the-art laparoscopic tools to carry out the entire surgical procedure. After the procedure is finished, air is gently released from the abdomen, and the small incisions are repaired. 

Robotic procedure: the abdominal cavity is inflated in a similar way, and a surgeon sits at a console, controlling robotic tools while watching progress on a large screen. Robotic surgery allows for extremely precise movements, and it is just as minimally invasive as the traditional laparoscopic method.

Our surgeons also excel at making sure you understand all of your potential treatment options and that you feel completely prepared for your upcoming procedure. After your surgery, we connect you with all of the resources you need to recover fully and get back to your daily activities. For our bariatric surgery patients, we even offer a comprehensive aftercare program—which includes a certified bariatric nurse, a dietitian, and a fitness advisor, among many other resources—that ensures that you have the support you need to achieve long-term results.

What We Treat

At ALA, our highly-skilled surgeons perform state-of-the-art surgical procedures on the abdomen and foregut.

We provide comprehensive care before, during and after the following procedures:

  • Primary bariatric surgeries (also known as weight-loss surgeries)
  • Bariatric surgery revisions
  • Hernia surgery
  • Gallbladder surgery
  • Hepatobiliary surgery
  • Intestinal surgery
  • Solid organ surgery
  • Surgery for acid reflux disease (GERD)

Check out our comprehensive procedure list to learn more about how we can help you fulfill your surgical needs in a safe, effective and minimally-invasive way.

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