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The decision to pursue weight-loss surgery should be made with care and consideration. Choosing a bariatric surgeon with the skill and experience to help you safely reach your weight-loss goals is the first critical step. Read More

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gastric sleeve
Gastric Sleeve
The most commonly performed laparoscopic bariatric procedure is called gastric sleeve. Bariatric sleeve surgery, or vertical sleeve gastrectomy, involves surgically narrowing the stomach.Read More
lap band
Laparoscopic banding restricts the volume of the solid food that you eat without interfering with your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. There is no permanent change to your anatomy, and the procedure can be reversed if necessary.Read More
gastric bypass
Gastric Bypass
The gastric bypass is considered the GOLD STANDARD for weight loss surgery. It has been studied for nearly 30 years, and now over 90 percent of these procedures are performed using laparoscopic techniques due to their safety record.Read More
Dudenal Switch
Duodenal switch surgery involves removing part of the stomach, and changing the channel through which nutrients pass in the lower intestine, changing the process of digestion.Read More
Revision Surgery
Revision surgery is used to correct one of the many types of weight loss surgery procedures when it has failed due to inadequate weight loss or weight regain, unresolved comorbidities, or unresolved complications.Read More
medical weight loss icon
Medical Weight Loss
Prescription weight loss medications are the most common medical weight loss treatments.Read More

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If you’re overweight and traditional weight-loss methods have not worked, weight-loss surgery may be the answer. Take the next step by signing up for our free webinar or contacting us at (201) 646-1121. Webinar Sign-Up

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Sebastian R. Eid, FACS, MD

“My goal is to give my patients the care, attention, support and experience they need throughout their journey and always be available; before, during and long after surgery is completed.”

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