Now Offering Telemedicine Appointments at Advanced Laparoscopic Associates

We are proud to announce that Advanced Laparoscopic Associates (ALA) is now offering telemedicine appointments for our current and new patients.

Due to the current recommendations to practice social distancing during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented telemedicine appointments to continue to serve the needs of our patients.

Telemedicine offers our patients many benefits. With electronic health records and medical histories available, our providers are able to perform a visual exam and interview patients from anywhere. Our telemedicine service is secure, confidential and HIPPA compliant. Patient privacy is always a top priority at ALA. Not only during this current medical crisis, but also looking forward, telemedicine provides our patients the following:

  • No travel time
  • Convenience and efficiency
  • Fast help with no wait time
  • No risk of disease transmission”>patient benefits:

  • Free to use the platform – no additional patient costs
  • Simple and convenient to use from any type of electronic device
  • No downloads or account creation required
  • Privacy and security with encryption

We are welcoming new patients at this time. Please call us at 201-646-1121 to schedule an appointment to see one of our providers and request a telemedicine appointment. requires access to a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or personal computer with online access.” <h3 style="padding-top:10px; padding-bottom:35px;">Request a Telemedicine Appointment Today</h3><!– –>