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Nothing compares to the actual words of once-patients who have encountered life-changing experiences with weight-loss surgery. Be enlightened by their stories and determine how Advanced Laparoscopic Associates can also work for you.

Nancy L.

Date of Operation: June 21, 2000

I started at 339lbs with medical problems. Dr. Hans Schmidt has help me turn my life around through gastric bypass surgery. I now weigh 170lbs feel great exercise 5x a week and plan all my meals out carefully. I am 54 and have 7 grandchildren I feel 24 and love the new me. I can now enjoy playing with my grandkids and have also inspired my dear hubby and others to see how harmful extra weight can be. My husband has lost 15 lbs so far and working hard to get himself healthier. Changing lifelong habits is difficult, but with the love and support of family and friends it is possible. Every day for me is happier and I wish the best to all and will keep you all in my thoughts. Take one day at a time. It will happen.

Sue S.

Date of Operation: February 15, 2004

I’m 41 who had enough. I’m in a committed relationship with no children, but 2 parents! LOL! I made it through the gastric bypass with flying colors (knock wood). I read a couple of profiles and am very impressed! I hope I can offer some enlightment in the future! ANYONE WHO NEEDS ANY INFO ABOUT THE PRE-OP OR ANYTHING – LET ME KNOW. 2/26/04 – Had my first date w/the surgeon. I’m still swollen so when I put on my sweats to get dressed I felt a little disappointed that nothing felt baggy. My dad was nice enough to drive me to the appointment – so I sat in the backseat of his minivan. When I put down the 2nd armrest, it didn’t hit my thigh, so I thought maybe I did lose a little something. When I got to the surgeon’s office, all my hospital mates were there too and it was nice to see EVERYONE feeling pretty darn great. Okay – well they called my name and I was so nervous that I didn’t lose a pound (failure complex) and they weighed me in at 310! 310!!! That 20 pounds off!! I’m really happy. Supportive friends/family are happy – jealous jerks say, well it’s probably just water weight, etc. Who cares what it is – the number went from 330 to 310 – who cares why! I lost 20 pounds. I go back for my next visit on 3/25/04. It’s supposed to be in the 50s this weekend so my boyfriend said he’s going to walk me around a little – and as soon as the pain on the left hand side subsides a bit, I will drive to the gym to walk on the treadmill. 4/12/04 – Today is 8 weeks to the day of surgery and I got naked and weighed myself and it’s 287! That’s 43lbs down! It just seems so surreal. I eat – not a lot – but I eat and I’m losing. I’m back to the gym so I’m really pleased with my loss! It’s just so weird to think that I may actually keep losing! 7/19/04 – Oh boy. it’s been so long. I am not 5 months post-op and nearly 90lbs down! I just can’t believe it. Although I haven’t been to the gym for 3 weeks, I’m still losing about 2-4lbs a week, but I am on my way to the gym right now. I have 3 weeks of crunches to do! I just had full blood work done this morning and will post results. My BP was 108/80. It’s so insane! I’m doing really well and I thank G-d every day for this miracle. 9/28/04 – Once again, I’ve been so lax and I am so sorry. I am down 113lbs! It’s been about 7-1/2 months and I’m just so grateful. I work hard at the gym and watch what goes into my mouth. I’m in size 14 jeans which is so mind-blowing I can’t even explain. My blood work is EXCELLENT! My cholesterol is down to 140; my triglycerides are 111; my sugar is 88; my blood pressure is 124/74, down from 170/110! So Thank you G-d! Thank you Dr. Schmidt! Thank you to all my friends and family for all the love and support. 12/2/04 – 9-1/2 month update. Saw Dr. Schmidt today for my 9 month checkup. I am down to 198lbs! Anyway, it was nice to see him, he’s a wonderful person and a GREAT surgeon! Good Luck to all!

Jennifer S.

Date of Operation: October 20, 2004

If you are reading this you may be considering Gastric Bypass surgery. I can tell you it was one of the most important and wonderful decisions I have ever made for myself! At my heaviest, I weighed in at 303 pounds and wore the largest sized clothes I could find (usually a 4 or 5 X). I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, poor circulation and had to monitor my eye pressure as I was borderline Glaucoma. I had sleep problems and snored very loudly. I began researching the Gastric Bypass Surgery procedure several years before having it myself. I learned all I could about the procedure while working on my own food issues. It was clear I would have to learn a whole new way of thinking about my body as well as dealing with my food issues. I knew this surgery would not be a ‘quick fix’. I began to eating much healthier foods and started losing weight on my own. When I reached the 50 pound mark, I knew I was ready. I also knew that I wanted to have the surgery in the Hackensack University Medical Center. In September of 2004 I attended an orientation meeting for Gastric Bypass and Lap Band Surgery, hosted by Advanced Laparoscopic Associates. Having done my homework, I knew the information they needed from me to begin my journey and I brought all of my paperwork with me. After the orientation, I felt very confident about my decision and scheduled my first ‘one-on-one’ interview with Dr. Amit Trivedi. My sister went with me to that appointment. I remember at the time I was so happy, Dr. Trivedi wasn’t sure I knew how serious an operation this was. My sister assured him that I was very prepared and just anxious to continue on my way to a thinner, healthier and much happier ‘me’. It took about a year for me to reach my goal weight. I lost a total of 178 pounds and have kept it off ever since! I am very happy to say that all of the medical problems I had are gone! No more heart medicine or cholesterol medicine! I continue to see my eye doctor, once a year, but am no longer a candidate for Glaucoma! I used to hate going to the doctor’s, but I love seeing Dr. Trivedi every October for my follow-up visit. It feels like a yearly celebration! I am forever grateful to Dr. Trivedi and Advanced Laparoscopic Associates for helping me to reclaim my life. My life today is a very happy one. I am doing things that, at 303 pounds, I could only dream of! Plus, I am still amazed when I see my reflection in the mirror. The joy of being this size never gets old! I no longer need to have the ‘fat clothes’ I used to keep – just in case. My clothes continue to fit, season after season!
I hope reading this has helped you, in some small way, to make a decision to have one of these surgeries yourself. I am no longer limited by my weight and I feel I’ve probably added years to my life! I want to stress that this is not a ‘quick fix’ for weight loss. But if you are ready, this can be one of the biggest joys of your life!
Thank you for reading this and allowing me to share my story with you. I wish you all the best on your journey.

Tanya R.

Date of Operation: August 28, 2007

I will be 26 on Feb 16 and I feel great!! I knew I was getting big, but everyone around me kept telling me I was fine. Growing up I loved to take pictures, when I started wanted to be behind the camera instead of in front of it I knew i had to do something about it. at my heaviest I was up to 253 lbs. I am able to eat almost anything, just in much much smaller portions. I take small bites and chew slowly. I can even eat steak, as long as it's not too tough. It doesn’t matter that the portions are small because I am full. I have suffered with asthma since childhood and my breathing has gotten so much better. I am 187 lbs. to date and I feel wonderful... It works if you don’t cheat. I have heard of so many tricks, but why cheat yourself if you have taken a step so drastic. I am so glad I did it now instead of waiting.

Jennifer L. P.

Date of Operation: October 17, 2006

I always thought that gastric bypass surgery was something I would never even consider doing and that I could lose weight on my own. At my heaviest weight, 423 lbs., I knew that it was impossible for me to try to lose it on my own after many failed attempts. So I made the conscious decision and researched the procedure and I decided to go for it. I went to the seminar and to be quite honest wanted to bolt before the seminar began because of my nerves and my fright. But I stuck it out and my surgery was scheduled for August 28th, 2006. Unfortunately I didn’t have it then for the reason my mother passed away that day. I was not going to go through with the surgery, but with the pressure from my family I rescheduled 2 months later and had my surgery October 17th. Dr. Schmidt was so amazing and his staff is tremendous. I was well taken care of and I am so glad I had Dr. Schmidt as my surgeon. I am progressing real well and I am down 200+ pounds. Blood pressure low, diabetes almost gone and no more back and leg pain!!!!!!!!!!!! If you’re scared to go through with this, don’t be. It will be the best decision you will ever make. And I am glad that I made this decision to live a healthier life.

Ryan S.

Date of Operation: July 6, 2003

Ryan Smith had gastric bypass on Monday, July 6th, 2003. He was operated on by Dr. Amit Trivedi of Advanced Laparoscopic Associates of Hackensack, NJ. At his heaviest, Ryan weighed 326lbs. At present, he is down to 193lbs, which signifies a 133lb weight loss. His feelings about the surgery are that it saved his life, and even with all the risks and worries, he would do it again if it meant being as happy as he is now. Ryan is a 2nd year HS English teacher are Deptford Township HS in South Jersey, and he can’t imagine dealing with the rigors of the HS classroom while being as heavy as he was. To put it simply, Ryan finally feels like he is alive. He has much to be proud of and is thankful for all the love and support he has received from his parents, family and friends. Should you desire to contact Ryan, please do so at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. His advice to anyone considering the surgery: The surgery is no more risky than being morbidly obese so take the “plunge” into the unknown and do it. It just may save your life!

Rodney P.

Date of Operation: February 26, 2008

My surgery changed my life forever... I had a little glitch in my surgery that Dr. Schmidt and his team were able to fix and allowed me to be the new man I am today, starting weight at 376 pounds, today somewhere around 235 or so, giving a loss of 140+ lbs... I can eat anything, drink almost anything and of course in full moderation allowing me full control of my life. I drink a vitamin supplement in the morning (VEMMA) and eat my meals a day allowing me Great freedom. Dr. Schmidt and his team are incredible surgeons as they are men. I wholeheartedly recommend thier services and have already referred a couple of friends to them.

Lucy F.

Date of Operation: July 16, 2009

I came to see Dr. Ewing after exhausting all efforts to lose weight on my own. I was about to be put on medication for diabetes. I already had surgery on my knees, hip and heart that was aggravated by my excessive weight. I was referred to the practice by all of my doctors as the best in bariatric and general surgery. I needed a hernia repair as well. The day of my lap-band surgery, I weighed in at 247 lbs. Today, 7 months later, I have lost 45 lbs. and feel very good, more alive than I have in years. My blood sugar levels are normal, the pain in my joints has decreased substantially! All the staff at Advanced Laparoscopic Associates are experienced and very nice. There has not been a question asked that wasn’t answered professionally and with my best interest at heart.
I am so happy with my continued weight loss – slow and steady. I am healthier and happier! And when Mama’s happy, the whole family is happy! Thanks to everyone at Advanced Laparoscopic Associates!

Jennifer M.

Date of Operation: June 6th, 2008

I feel like a new person.
I am forever thankful to Dr. Schmidt and the staff at Advanced Laparoscopic Associates. I battled weight for years with various health problems – borderline diabetes, high blood pressure, polycystic ovarian syndrome. Turning 30 in 2008 and the end of an 8-year relationship – it was about time to get the real ME out of ME. From the seminar to surgery, I had a seamless experience. Right before my surgery I weighed 260 pounds. I had gastric bypass 6/9/08 (my “Hope” day) and now it is almost 2 years from my surgery and I lost 120 pounds. (In March 2009 also had plastic surgery as well to remove excess skin and lift some ‘areas’). Some people don’t recognize me if they haven’t seen me for a while. My diabetes problems and high blood pressure are totally gone. My polycystic ovarian syndrome symptoms have dwindled away and I have no more cysts. I am more active than ever before and have been LIVING my life. My confidence used to be good, but now…my confidence level is SUPER high. I can meet people, enjoy sitting in a theatre and be comfortable and do anything I want to do. I bought my first bikini EVER and feel so confident. I went skydiving, ziplining, bobsledding, go hiking and other activities. It’s amazing what this can do for a person – physically and emotionally. I am very happy that I had gastric bypass and would recommend this surgery and this office of professionals to everyone.
This is a very personal decision, and it can be very hard to talk about. Some people may say you’re taking the “easy way out.” By NO means is this the easy way out. It is work, it is a tool you use to help you lose weight. But, it is worth it, and the benefits outweigh the negatives (which are minimal).
FYI – a GREAT support and informational source is Look me up – Survivor08 – to read my blog and see my pics (you have to request to be my friend). Good luck to those looking to have surgery and those that had surgery. Thanks Dr Schmidt for bringing me back to life, you will never know what you have truly done for me. Jenn

Tracy C.

Date of Operation: June 27, 2012

I'm a big girl. I come from a family of people who love to eat and your either "Big" or "Skinny." I got this done so I can keep up and live for my daughter (6 years old). My surgeon was so kind and gentle.